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Indonesia Gender Numbers: 81 - 56 - 5

Indonesia, with its 250 million people and nearly half is women, sadly speaking not half as much of the opportunity to pursue higher education. Based on publication of Local Representatives' House on Women's Role in Indonesia Development , found that only 81,15 million are working and around 56 percent of those came from elementary school graduates. Less than 5% of those working women graduated from a higher education.

As much grateful I am for completing my degree, juggling both raising a child and building a career, I feel responsible as much to ensure that my being at workplace makes a different in any ways that I could possibly contribute. Even if the changes is not happening anytime soon, as even when it takes 81 years for eliminating the questions of gender parity at work. It helps to start now. The United Nations estimates that Asia-Pacific economies could grow by an additional $89 billion per year if women realized their full economic potential, and that output per worker could rise 7-18 percent if business opportunities for women and men were equal. So yes, Let's think about the good difference that we can make for Indonesia Economy.

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About Women of Indonesia

WOMEN OF INDONESIA is a place to connect, nurture, and empower Indonesian Women professionals to share learning, knowledge, and life experience of creating a content living in both workplace and at home. Facilitating the possibility to be able to join the workforce and take a fair share of responsibility at home and the society. We respect women who voice out their thoughts beyond differences and diversity. Every voice shall become learning for others. Every voice shall become supports for each other to work in team and gain mutual understanding to achieve our objective.  And the voices of Women of Indonesia will eventually helps Indonesia as a women-friendly country.

WOMEN OF INDONESIA will provide professional network, support, and mentorship that enable accessible means for passionate committed women professional to strive for progress and the excellence of growth through its experts and experience in shaping progressive cultural and behavior change. We shall nurture mindful leaders to take part in policy and decision making that accelerate the greater goods in both business and society.

WOMEN OF INDONESIA will take part of creating a better place to live for the Indonesia, so that our next generation can bring their pride and dedication towards the merrier of Indonesian. We will create a culture where respecting diversity is part of our attitude and behavior to reflect the harmony in diversity.


Mobilizing the progress for Indonesia Economic growth through advancing its women’s potential.

By creating a support ecosystem through facilitating and managing diversity to create greater positive impact in Economic Growth of the nation.



As part of the nation that consists of many diversities, promoting gender equality means also promoting access of human right to another half of the Indonesian. We strive for progressing scalable business growth through connecting beyond distance and providing accesible information & knowledge towards potential women talents to take part of the progressing nation.

We are committed to bridge dedication and passion across generations through our network and connections. Providing accessible means of knowledge and leadership towards passionate and committed women professionals that would help to leverage the resourceful performance in gender diversity

8 Values

  2. We shall convey a constant and continuous effort to help committed women professional to advance their career excelently in a diverse environment. Committment need to be shown with persistency and relentless actions of its women in network to strive progress and create growth impact towards business. Without continual growth and progress as same as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning
  4. We shall bring in both mind and action the uniqueness of women leadership in ensuring a sustainable living for the future generation through its decision and policy made by women for the merrier people. We will bring a mindful decision towards being a responsible citizen of the society and help to facilitate harmony in diversity
  6. Leadership is about a progress and journey that never ends, thus we need to keep learning and improving our best self to be mindful as we become role models for others if not the next generations. Promote a thoughtful business decision that consciously create good impact for the society. Mindful Leadership belong to everyone and set no limitation of contribution for those who are willing to take the extra miles to apply learnings and sharing with others
  8. Coming together as the beginning, keeping together to make a progress and working together for a success. Each individual holds great potential resource for both business and society, and we encourage each other to lead by example within the teamwork to strive for a better result
  10. Real integrity is doing the right thing right, and it can ever be succeed without women participating side by side with men. The need to embrace the society despite gender and ethnicity to provide equal access to human rights
  12. Harmony of living in diversity will be possible with a positive and open-minded outlook towards everything that we do. To understand each other and the potential good that is brought within the cross & inter cultural conversation as well as interaction with others
  14. Everything is connected. All is part of totality, and in this totality we will find the hozro, the way of walking in harmony of diversity, with beauty all around it. Facilitating proximity within distance through feasible effort of connectivity to network and support the women professional across the nation. Facilitating active communication whenever possible to promote better understanding among us
  16. Nurtures and builds are about understanding and looking for the best in people. By empowering the women professionals, we are nurturing the people, the business, and the society. Nothing that would make us proud than revealing the Women of Indonesia great potential towards this sense of nurturing

Our Beliefs


If not now, when? If not us, then who?

What we think, feel, and do, might affecting tomorrows, through how we raise the next generations

We take full responsibility for our capacity in influencing our children therefore our thinking and our action towards the next generations to be able to live in harmony among others and preserve natural resources for sustainable living. We are the role models for young generations to take example on how to lead a life. When it takes the whole villages to raise a child, women are striving to think about the life of the whole village, because that is part of our DNA, and it is one of our unique asset, to be able to be mindful towards our actions. Leading to our greatest strength being compassion towards others , honoring the patience and persistence in nurturing our children to lead a content life. For the next generation to bring continuous effort to create possibility for a greater goods. To facilitate hopes to be reality.

If we can have such great contribution, then we need to be mindful for our action

"Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country."

- Margaret Thatcher-



Known as Marketing Technology Professional with multinational experiences, and going extra miles with passion in facilitating women groups, leading #heforshe cross gender mentoring program in Danone Indonesia, and incubating Digital Rockstars Community. As Professional Coach registered in International Coach Federation, she extracted the knowledge of patterns in CRM’s Life Journey, andadopting it towards understanding human behavior and redefining one’s LifeJourney in self-transformation. Rini is an NLP Master Practitioner and a Yoga-based breathing & meditation instructor.


Passionate and always up for a challenge, Dian’s colorful career has taken her from establishing GEEKSBIBLE.COM, one of Indonesia's premiere lifestyle website and for which she was nominated as big 5 candidates for British Council's Young Creative Music Award, to founding SHOEBIBLE, a one-¬of-¬a--kind advanced shoe refurnishing business, to becoming one of Indonesia's premiere Corporate Marketing Ideation Consultant. She is also pursuing her passion in social entrepreneurship through NusantaRUN (Lari Nusantara Social Foundation).

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